Revenue Cycle Management


Days in A/R below 25


Up to 50% cost savings


99% clearing house pass-through

Our Current Service Portfolio

Akshar MediSolutions provides the following critical services, among others, to provide an efficient revenue cycle solution to our clients.

Eligibility Verification

Prior to service being rendered by the provider, we verify the patient’s current insurance eligibility, update the patient’s account with current insurance eligibility status, and red flag any issues.

Benefits Verification

Prior to service being rendered by the provider, we verify patient benefits and deductible balances in the patient’s account.


We initiate and aggressively follow-up on pre-authorizations with payers wherever required to ensure that clients can deliver their services to patients without fear of non-payment.

Charge Posting

We follow a rigorous process of scrubbing claims during the charge posting process oriented towards maximizing first-time payments from insurers and minimizing denials.

Payment Posting

Insurance payments are posted to patient accounts from the EOB. All payments received will be posted within 24 hrs.


Denials Management

All denied claims are analyzed, corrected, and re-submitted within two working days upon receipt of the EOBs.


A/R Management

Our Accounts Receivable team compares expected and actual collections, understands the cause for discrepancies, and takes corrective measures to recover the difference.


Patient Enrollment

We can guide practices in enrolling both underinsured and uninsured patients to foundation and PAP support programs.


Demographics Verification

We can enter new patient demographics into the EMR and PMS system with checkpoints that verify all data is complete and accurate.


Claims Management

All claims will be generated and filed either electronically or via paper as per payer standards. The acknowledgement of receipt of the claims by the insurer is checked to prevent any loss of claims.



We can provide customized performance reports based on our client’s needs.



We have staff specializing in healthcare insurance enrollment & credentialing.

Software Transition Support

Software Transition Support

We can support your practice transition rollover with support in transitioning patient data from physical charts into the EMR system quickly and efficiently.

Revenue Recovery

Revenue Recovery

Auditing / Compliance, Medical Billing Analysis, Coding Analysis, Collection Analysis

Softwares We are Familiar With

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Join Akshar MediSolutions to get full, cost-effective healthcare RCM services that are designed to increase profits, make staff more productive, and make it easier for doctors and patients to work together.

Why Akshar MedSolutions?

The team at Akshar MediSolutions is made up of certified and enthusiastic experts with expertise in the fields of business consulting, information technology, and medical billing. Over the past ten years, our leadership team has worked with numerous hospitals, clinics of all sizes, labs, and individual doctors.


  • A reputable brand in the healthcare sector with knowledgeable resources to reduce denials and increase revenue flow.


  • The sole reputable provider of HIPAA-compliant medical billing services that provides a full array of free cloud-based EHR, RCM, and practise management solutions


  • We make sure everything is accurate and of the highest calibre, which has enabled us to expand hundreds of fruitful alliances with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.


  • Our IT team is accessible around-the-clock to offer technical support as well as their knowledge to increase cash flow and employee productivity.


10+ Years of Experience


Certified Coding Experts


HIPAA-Compliant Services


Patient Support


98% Clean Claims Rate


Experienced A/R Experts


All Specialities Covered

Get Maximum Reimbursement While Reducing Overall Costs.

With our end-to-end medical billing services, our clients receive maximum reimbursement while reducing overall costs. Our team actively manages your account and does not just monitor it.