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Who We Are?

We are a customer-focused business with more than 20 years of experience in offering top-notch medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM) services. With a dedicated and top-notch team of professionals, Akshar MediSolutions offers a full range of healthcare services.

Over the years, Akshar MediSolutions has increased the scope of its services to better serve healthcare facilities. Our integrated solutions and services go beyond merely billing and coding for medical services to enhance patient-physician interaction, boost data transmission security, and offer in-depth analysis and insight into an organization’s operations.

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Join Akshar MediSolutions to get full, cost-effective healthcare RCM services that are designed to increase profits, make staff more productive, and make it easier for doctors and patients to work together.

Improved Operations

Because Akshar MediSolutions constantly monitors legislation and insurance reimbursement guidelines, it has been able to successfully streamline claim processing and payment for a sizable clientele.

Integrated Solutions

Healthcare companies and individual clinicians around the United States can take advantage of the comprehensive and cutting-edge medical billing services offered by Akshar MediSolutions, a professional medical billing firm.

Ahead of The Curve

The need for healthcare businesses to enhance clinical workflows, boost profitability, improve patient experience, and reduce operational costs is met by Akshar MediSolutions in the competitive world of today.

Committed to Deliver Quality service and Cost-Effective Healthcare IT Solutions

Millions of patients can receive improved care thanks to the entire array of cloud-based free EHR, RCM, and Practice Management tools offered by Akshar MediSolutions. With a high class satisfaction percentage, Akshar MediSolutions goes above and above to provide small, independent medical offices with a superior client experience with its cloud-based software solutions. Services are provided by Akshar MediSolutions to improve healthcare for all people.

These practises use the Akshar MediSolutions platform to carry out the best care duties, enhance patient experiences, lower operational expenses, and improve healthcare results.

Why Akshar MedSolutions?

The team at Akshar MediSolutions is made up of certified and enthusiastic experts with expertise in the fields of business consulting, information technology, and medical billing. Over the past ten years, our leadership team has worked with numerous hospitals, clinics of all sizes, labs, and individual doctors.

  • A reputable brand in the healthcare sector with knowledgeable resources to reduce denials and increase revenue flow.


  • The sole reputable provider of HIPAA-compliant medical billing services that provides a full array of free cloud-based EHR, RCM, and practise management solutions


  • We make sure everything is accurate and of the highest caliber, which has enabled us to expand hundreds of fruitful alliances with hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities.


  • Our IT team is accessible around-the-clock to offer technical support as well as their knowledge to increase cash flow and employee productivity.


10+ Years of Experience


Certified Coding Experts


HIPAA-Compliant Services


Patient Support


98% Clean Claims Rate


Experienced A/R Experts


All Specialities Covered

Get Maximum Reimbursement While Reducing Overall Costs.

With our end-to-end medical billing services, our clients receive maximum reimbursement while reducing overall costs. Our team actively manages your account and does not just monitor it.