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Our virtual scribe services aim to cut more than 2+ hours of documentation time out of physicians' daily schedule, saving time and money. Physicians want to focus on their patients, and now they can with a fully integrated EHR application to reduce documentation burden, see more patients, and increase revenue at their practice.


Medical Scribing

Technology advances at breakneck speed, and there are moments when we are left gasping for breath, so to speak. It continues its stride permeating every facet of our lives, turning upend long held myths and limits set by humans, and throwing open unimagined opportunities.

An epoch-making new-age invention, the Google glass, is changing the very landscape of Healthcare Industry.

Physicians across the world are heaving a sigh of relief as the onerous practice of dictating medical records at the end of their busy day is gradually fading into history. They use the Google glass, technologically enabling a new class of professional aides, Medical Scribes, to be a part of their consultation hours remotely. Medical Scribes capture all the necessary information to create a patient’s medical record taking the burden off a physician’s shoulders.

Medical Scribes are trained professionals with a skill set that includes strong English language skills, necessary medical knowledge. Medical scribes work alongside healthcare providers to enhance the delivery of care, reduce administrative burden, and improve care team workflow.

Our Scribe Team

Our scribe team at Akshar MediSolutions is fully trained to use your electronic health record system and can provide 24-hour coverage. Akshar MediSolutions scribe team understands every minute of a doctor’s time counts. Scribes update electronic health records in real time, allowing doctors to focus on the patient, not a computer screen. Akshar MediSolutions pioneers in Medical Scribing, in creating highly trained Medical Scribes who can blend remotely and seamlessly into the work culture of hospitals and clinics in the Healthcare Industry.

Strict adherence to HIPAA standards, affordable cost, and client’s productivity and profitability are the hallmarks of Akshar MediSolutions.

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