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Denial management Services In New Jersey

Denial management is important in accordance with the insurance provider’s contractual obligations. The medical billing process reviews every underpaid or disputed claim and deals with denied claims and appeals for rejection. Claim denial is becoming a challenge for every healthcare organization, and it has increased the demand for denial management services. Denial rates can result in operational losses that many enterprises cannot recover.

Claims are denied because:

  • Wrong and inaccurate information
  • Incorrect medical code
  • Lack of documentation
  • Uncovered ailments

Akshar MediSolutions is a medical billing service in the USA with a dedicated team focused on claim denial follow-up. They will assist hospitals and healthcare organizations in handling all denials and driving increased net income. We use flexible, cost-effective workforce alternatives, including account assessment, appeal creation, and follow-up, to resolve denied claims. We prioritize collecting and increasing revenue, but we also look at the root cause of denials and work with doctors and revenue cycle experts to solve the problem.

Our solutions include: 

  • Identifying the root cause of claim denial
  • Understanding the denial
  • Making reports
  • Monitoring and preventing denials 
  • Understanding insurance provider’s rules and procedures
Medical Billing Services​

Why choose Akshar MediSolutions?

Akshar Medisolutions is one of the leading medical billing companies in the USA that offers denial management services, and they have over 20 years of experience. We will help you to reduce your claim denial rate with our Denial Management Service for Medical Claims, together with our vast experience in the field of healthcare reimbursement. A number of healthcare organizations have used our services to assist in the processing of claims, monitoring of data, identification of discrepancies, and recovery of payments. Moreover, to prevent any infringements, we will strictly observe the rules and procedures.

We ensure a smooth cash flow and that our denial management staff will analyze denials quickly and follow up on denials and partial payments. We shall closely follow up on claims that have been denied, underpaid, pending, or poorly processed and take the best possible action to resolve them with payors, patients, providers, facilities, and any other parties involved. In order to avoid denial of claims, we will also:

  • Analyze and correct the claim denial error. We will resubmit the claim to the insurance company to speed up the delayed and canceled payments.
  • Before submitting the final document, we will ensure that all patient and insurance information is appropriately collected and reported.
  • We will gather accurate information from patient schedules and registration.
  • Understand the insurance provider’s rules and procedures for timely reimbursement for services delivered.
  • Verify and validate demographic information and insurance policies.

Akshar Medisolutions offers cost-effective claim denial management services by following HIPAA complaint rules. We ensure you support till the end and generate revenue in your healthcare organization. Our experienced team uses the latest tools and technology to understand, manage, and provide a suitable output of your claim denial. 

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