Accurate Medical Coding and Auditing Services

Boost hospital revenue cycle, slash reimbursement and avoid delays in claim payment with the right Medical Coding and Auditing Services. (95% Retention - Expert Auditors)

Medical Billing Company in New Jersey
Medical Billing Company in New Jersey

Medical Coding & Auditing Services

Medical Coding is more about a few numbers or terminologies. They are the bloodline of hospitals. The correct coding can either break or deteriorate the entire work structure. Medical coding and auditing services are more than a process; they define hospital finances’ whole system and pipeline. The complex world of medications and healthcare requires precision and accuracy; a savior, Akshar MediSolutions, plays a crucial role behind the scenes. The entire financial system can be fixed with the proper servicing, from hospital coding to streamlining the process.

Comprehensive Medical Coding and Auditing services
  • Complex Medical coding records
  • Medical Auditing with accuracy and compliance
  • Claim review
  • Documentation Analysis for accurate billing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Quality Improvement
  • Education and Training
  • Legal and Ethical Consideration

At Akshar MediSolutions, we are the go-to team for hassle-free and comprehensive medical coding and auditing. From accurate and prompt processing to improve cash flow and enhanced customer satisfaction, our services are geared toward hospitals to boost their bottom-line financial structure and enhance customer satisfaction. Through meticulous medical auditing, we serve as a vital quality control measure, pinpointing and rectifying errors in billing and coding practices. With our expert team, we contribute significantly to the financial stability and ethical operation of healthcare facilities, guaranteeing quality care for

What exactly is Medical Coding?

The process of interpreting complex medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments into universally recognized alphanumeric codes is known as medical coding. Healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government agencies use these codes to understand and communicate medical information.

Medical codes are crucial in optimizing numerous facets of healthcare, including:

a) Reimbursement and Billing

Medical coding accuracy ensures that healthcare providers bill insurance companies appropriately. It encourages calculating reimbursement amounts, thereby preventing financial losses for hospitals and clinics.

b) Medical Records

Codes make keeping detailed and organized patient records effortless, allowing for more effective patient care and treatment planning.

What is Medical Auditing?

Medical auditing evaluates medical records and billing procedures to ensure accuracy, regulatory compliance, and best practice adherence. It serves as a framework of checks and balances for the healthcare industry.’

Medical audits come in a variety of forms, including:


Audits of Compliance

These audits are designed to ensure that healthcare facilities comply with all applicable laws and regulations, lowering the risk of legal issues.


Audits of Coding

Coding audits evaluate the accuracy of medical coding, identifying errors and inconsistencies that could result in inaccurate billing.

How does Akshar MediSolutions help?

Medical billing and auditing can add numerous benefits to hospitals. Medical ensures accurate and timely processing of claims, leading to enhanced cash flow and better customer retention. It helps hospitals receive appropriate reimbursement for their services, preventing revenue loss. Medical auditing works as a crucial quality control measure; it identifies errors and discrepancies in billing and coding practices. A proper expertise and skilled person can contribute to the financial stability and ethical operation of healthcare facilities, ensuring a quality business for hospitals and patient care. Our medical billing and auditing services mitigate compliance risk, provide appropriate reimbursement and pinpoint opportunities for coders and providers.

Key Gains

  • Complete, accurate, legible & timely documentation.
  • Identify the service and interpret the diagnostic and procedural phrases into coded form.
  • Providers are paid correctly in a timely manner, complying with all guidelines.
  • Regular feedback is provided for minimal denial of claims.

At Akshar MediSolutions we perform audits based on current CMS, CPT, ICD-10 guidelines and state and federal regulations. We utilize the CMS 95/97 or 2023 guidelines as per place of service and date of service. Our experts have a knack for contributing to various roles and responsibilities in medical billing and audits. From running preliminary and final reports to conducting summation conferences, coding staff and providers, we comprehensively stand as a strong support for healthcare to run their businesses optimally.

Integrating the right medical coding and auditing is a powerful asset for medical practices. We help you navigate the complex healthcare landscape and ensure financial stability and growth. Drive better accuracy, improve the bottom line and give customers better services with our coding compliance and medical auditing services. Choose our certified HIPAA-compliant experts today.

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