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Orthopedics Medical Billing

Orthopedics Medical Billing Services

Welcome to Akshar MediSolutions, your trusted partner in orthopedics medical billing. With over 10+ years of dedicated experience in the healthcare industry, we specialize in providing comprehensive billing and coding services tailored specifically for orthopedic practices. Our commitment is to streamline your revenue cycle management, optimize reimbursements, and ensure compliance with healthcare regulations, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care.

Common Mistakes Made in Orthopedics Medical Billing

Orthopedic medical billing is a specialized field that requires precision and expertise to ensure accurate reimbursement for services provided. However, several common mistakes can hinder the billing process and impact revenue cycle management. Understanding these pitfalls is crucial for orthopedic practices aiming to streamline their billing operations and maximize revenue.

Incomplete Documentation

Incomplete Documentation

Insufficient or incomplete documentation is one of the primary reasons for claim denials in orthopedic billing. Detailed documentation of patient visits, procedures performed, and medical necessity is essential to support the claims submitted.

Coding Error

Coding Errors

Incorrect coding, whether it’s due to outdated codes, improper use of modifiers, or failure to comply with current regulations, can lead to claim rejections or underpayments. Orthopedic procedures often involve complex coding scenarios that require specialized knowledge.

Failure to Verify Insurance Eligibility

Failure to Verify Insurance Eligibility

Neglecting to verify patients’ insurance coverage and eligibility before providing services can result in denied claims or delays in reimbursement. Verification should include checking coverage for specific procedures and any pre-authorization requirements.

Delayed Claim Submission

Delayed Claim Submission

Timely claim submission is critical in orthopedic billing to avoid penalties and ensure prompt reimbursement. Delays in submitting claims can lead to cash flow disruptions and increased accounts receivable.


Incomplete Charge Capture

Failing to capture all billable services and procedures provided during patient visits can result in lost revenue. It’s essential to have robust systems in place for accurate charge capture and billing.

Improper Follow-Up on Denied Claims

Inadequate follow-up on denied or rejected claims can significantly impact revenue. Effective denial management processes are necessary to identify the reasons for denials promptly and take corrective actions.

Benefits of Our Orthopedic Billing and Coding Services

Fee Schedule Reviews and Analysis:

We conduct thorough reviews of fee schedules to ensure optimal reimbursement rates.

Eligibility Verification:

Comprehensive verification of insurance coverage and eligibility to prevent claim denials.

Assistance with EDI, ERA, and Provider Enrollment:

Seamless integration with electronic data interchange (EDI) systems and assistance with electronic remittance advice (ERA) and provider enrollment.

Electronic and Paper Claims Submission:

Efficient submission of claims electronically or via paper to expedite reimbursement.

Account Receivables Management:

Proactive management of accounts receivable to accelerate revenue collection.

Secondary Insurance Billing:

Timely submission of claims to secondary insurance providers to maximize reimbursements.

Incoming Patient Calls:

Handling patient inquiries related to billing and insurance, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Referral and Authorization Management:

Ensuring all necessary referrals and authorizations are obtained to avoid claim denials.

Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments:

Accurate posting of payments received from insurance companies and patients.

Denial Review and Management:

Identification of denial reasons and proactive management to appeal denied claims.

Appeal of Denied Claims:

Expertise in appealing all denied or low-paid claims to maximize revenue.

Management Reports:

Customized reporting to track key performance indicators and financial metrics.

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The team at Akshar MediSolutions is made up of certified and enthusiastic experts with expertise in the fields of business consulting, information technology, and medical billing. Over the past ten years, our leadership team has worked with numerous hospitals, clinics of all sizes, labs, and individual doctors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Orthopedics Medical Billing

Our services include comprehensive revenue cycle management, from eligibility verification to denial management and reporting.

We optimize revenue through accurate coding, timely claim submission, and proactive denial management.

We adhere to all relevant regulations, including HIPAA and coding guidelines, to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Yes, we provide assistance with provider credentialing and contracting to enhance network participation.

Our specialized expertise, technology-driven approach, and commitment to maximizing reimbursements set us apart.

Contact us directly to discuss pricing and initiate our services tailored to your practice’s needs.

Common challenges include coding complexity, insurance verification delays, and inadequate denial management.